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This one has another interesting story to illustrate a point. No de-nosing, though.

-Lord Meng Chang, a feudal lord in Qi.
-Su Qin, a persuader who traveled to various warring states to get them to unite against Qin.
-Qin, a country of tigers and wolves. It eventually conquered all the other states.

Lord Meng Chang was going to enter Qin. Those who wanted to stop him numbered a thousand, but he wouldn't listen to them. Su Qin wanted to stop him, and Meng Chang said, "As for human affairs, I already know them. Those which I have not yet heard of are solely the affairs of ghosts." Su Qin said, "In coming, I assuredly do not dare to speak of human affairs. I will take up the affairs of ghosts to show my lord." Lord Meng Chang saw him. He said to Meng Chang, "Now, I crossed the Zi River coming here. Above it was a mud doll and a peachwood figurine talking with each other. The peachwood figure said to the mud doll, 'You are the soil of the western bank, stretched to make a person. In the eighth month of this year, the rain will fall. If the river rises you will be destroyed.' The mud doll said, 'It isn't so. As I am the soil of the western bank, if I am destroyed, I will simply return to the western bank. Now you are a peachwood figure of the eastern states, cut and carved into a person. When the rains fall the river will rise and float you and then take you away. You will bob along and who knows where you will end up?' Now Qin is a state with mountain walls on all sides. It is like the tiger's mouth, and so if my lord enters it, I do not know where you will come out." Lord Meng Chang then stopped.


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