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  • Number of times I’ve seen other foreigners on the street: 11
  • Number of times my roommate Bing has pointed out other foreigners by saying “Look, more of your kind” with well-feigned contempt: 5
  • Number of times a Chinese person has told Bing that he’s practically a foreigner himself, what with the 10+ years he’s spent in the US: 1
  • Number of times I have made eye contact with a foreigner and smiled: 9
  • Number of times one of them has smiled back: 3
  • Number of times one of them has hit on me: 1
  • Number of times one of them has tried to get me to accept Jesus into my heart: 1
  • Number of times a foreigner has given me a death glare instead of smiling back: 6
  • Number of times a foreign has hit me with their bike: 1
  • Number of foreigners who have apologized for hitting me with their bike: 0

I have theories about this, but I’m not sure my Typology of Foreigners in China is ready for publication.

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