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Today was another good day. First, I filed my visa paperwork, which was stressful but seems to have been accomplished. Though I won't know for sure until tomorrow, so fingers crossed. Then, I worked as the barista in my friend Grace's coffee shop while Grace went to her job interview, which was relaxed and fun (plus her mom made me lunch!). Finally, I went to have dinner at Tony and Farida's house, where I had delicious food (tiny fluffy Danish pancakes!) and got some amazingly cool presents.

Cool present 1: Two of Tony's dungeon maps.
Tony Dowler's dungeon art is weird and funny and interesting, enough so that he's been invited to show it in a couple of coffee shops now. Next up will be at the Verite in Capital Hill some time in the fall. I hope I am able to make it. Anyway, he had some extra dungeons, so I was allowed to go through the stack and pick one. I saw one that felt oddly appropriate to being in grad school, and another that seemed perfect for Isaac, so I was trying to decide which to take. Finally, I asked Tony if I could have one for myself and another for a friend, and he said yes. And even gave me a frame for mine! Score!

Cool present two: best earrings ever.
Last Christmas, my friend Karen gave me some excellent earrings she had made with model clay. That same night, one fell out. I was heartbroken, and walked several miles combing every inch of sidewalk trying to find the missing one, but never did. Karen promised to make me a new pair, but didn't have time before I left Seattle, and I had kind of given up hope of ever getting new earrings. Fortunately, not only had Karen made me new ones,

One earring:

Other earring:

Yes, that's right. She made me Portal earrings. One blue, one orange. And what are those little things attached to the portal?

Why yes, those are tiny companion cubes. I have Portal earrings with little companion cubes. In other words, I have the most awesome earrings ever.

If you're curious what they look like from a distance:

So I am once again a very happy Alexis.
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